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Frozen in time

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There are times when you meet someone who you feel will do something "big" in this lifetime. In 2004 we got that feeling when meeting Philip de Roo for the first time. Armand was the base camp for one of Marc Cornelissen's North Pole expeditions, and Philip was going to ski The Last Degree. He was just 18 years old.

But this was not Philip's first expedition. He had been to Antarctica at age 15 with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), sent off by Dutch Crown Prince Willem Alexander.

Since our first meeting, Philip has led several expeditions to the polar regions. These photos and footage were taken by Philip and his team in Greenland during the Notice Expedition, with Armand producing the expedition's video podcast. The expedition relied solely on climate-neutral energy sources such as sun, wind and biofuel. The first crossing from East to West took place in 2007 and covered 600km. The second crossing, South to North, covered an incredible 2500km.

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